The link between animal abuse and human violence

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Zero ZEE!
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The Circle of Violence


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Really good fact sheet on Conduct Disorders from The American Academy of child & Adolescent Psychiarty

http://aacap.org/page.ww?name=Conduct+Disorder§ion =Facts+for+Families

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Society and Animals


Dr. Morris- Excalibur- Jonathan

Fast & Furry
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..that's exactly why I think when a person is charged with animal abuse,they should get more than a few months,rather,a few years.

People who do rancid things like roast a kitten on a pan,throw a puppy in a stove and have toddlers watch,should get 10 + years in prison.These people are a danger to society,it's not safe to have a ticking time bomb running around the streets.These sick people aren't afraid to cause pain,they rather like it.They're not afraid to take a human life,either.

I hate Youtube's policies.We can't watch a evil,soulless dictator being hung,but we can watch our troops being killed and cats being tortured.

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