Firecracker set off in cat's mouth -- Bakersfield, CA

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Purred: Tue Jan 9, '07 7:31pm PST 
The discovery of a tortured cat, left to die in a south Bakersfield neighborhood, had nearby residents afraid to leave their children unattended.

Psychologists said the parents should be afraid because any person who is capable of abusing an animal to such a degree is oftentimes not far from inflicting pain on humans...

...“When we see animal cruelty like that, fire setting, lack of empathy like that prior to age adult onset is what we call conduct disorder,” said psychologist Corey Gonzales.

Gonzales said the disorder, if left untreated, often develops into sociopathic behavior.

Sociopaths are callous to others’ pain, whether its an animal or another human being. Their ability to be cruel to animals increases their likelihood of being just as cruel to human beings.

“They gain some sense of empowerment out of it,” Gonzales said. “Something they tend to enjoy or get pleasure from.”

Gonzales said these torturers often turn out to be abuse victims themselves.

“They’ve been violated early in their life, and when they violate others, they tend to create this unconscious balance,” he said.

Animal control officers said animal cruelty charges can range from a misdemeanor to felony depending on the nature of the abuse. No suspects in this case have been located.

Full story (warning--it's very upsetting) at:

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Purred: Tue Jan 9, '07 9:03pm PST 
I don't think I can read more about it. That just makes me SICK.

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Purred: Tue Jan 9, '07 11:17pm PST 
Oh, that poor cat. That makes my mom sooooo mad. What kind of person does this?


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Purred: Wed Jan 10, '07 9:37am PST 
Oh I cant bear to look at any articles or links, I couldnt even read the whole post. But the answer to who does this? A psychopath that is who, it is a sad and awful fact that we share the world with people capable of such things. This level of torture should be prosecuted at the highest level. Harming animals is often a first step for criminals who later move on to harming people. Poor kitty, so sad and unnecesary.

Sasha (in- memory)

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Purred: Wed Jan 10, '07 10:18am PST 
*chokes in horror*

I couldn't continue to read the post either. Makes me want to trek up to that city and search for the perpetrator. Wouldn't be hard for me to show my "feelings" towards them. Funny, I'm not a violent being, quite the opposite; however, sometimes you have to take matters into your own paws... Is it mean to hope that what happened to that poor cat happens to the people who did that? Times ten? I don't think so. Do you? *imagines the possibilities*

I can only hope that the authorities can find some clues to lead them to this piece of work.

Signing off with great anger coursing through my veins, and terrible sorrow in my heart...


A bit of- sweetness
Purred: Wed Jan 10, '07 12:13pm PST 
I'm with you Sasha. I think what they do to the animal, they should have the same done to them! Mommy just can't even imagine these kinds of people and why they would do such a thing. It makes her heart hurt. frown


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Purred: Wed Jan 10, '07 12:13pm PST 
Who would do such a thing, why would someone want to hurt a cat.
This is unbelievable, disgraceful.
I hope who ever did that is put in jail for life,
This has made me & my mommy very very upset.


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Purred: Wed Jan 10, '07 3:33pm PST 
I couldn't read the entire post, either. But the same type of person who does this, goes on to do things like this to people. That's why animal cruelty acts should be treated more seriously.

Sick, sick, sick.

I just hope the poor kitty is playing, and being pampered in heaven.


Ollie Bear
Purred: Thu Jan 11, '07 1:33am PST 
I looked at the case pictures. The cat looked like it was probably well fed...maybe even someone's pet. I wish there was a way to teach cats not to approach strangers. Oliver is so friendly, he'd go up to anyone. Granted, he and the rest of my cats are strictly indoor-only cats, but still. In the event of a break in or something, I pray that he'd know to hide.


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Purred: Thu Jan 11, '07 2:29pm PST 
This story is simply horrific. Why on earth would anyone do somthing like that? It makes no sense to me at all. The story upset me and dad a lot.


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