She never peed on bed before ... now every day!

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Nunguni- (Nooni)

Purred: Sat Feb 20, '10 12:59pm PST 
In same spot! I've posted a query for answers, but figure to try wherever however.
All started, we think, when American Nutrition stopped making our litter, Natural Harmony.
Our 6-year-old Maine Coon Salem has adjusted fine, it appears, to the ExquisiCat paper fragrance-free pellets. Much darker, but works as well if not better.
Nooni, our 14-year-old Korat, however, about same time began peeing on bed, once a day - no where else. Not every day to start, but now is.
Took her to vet to see if anything else going on (seemed to be walking a bit odd) and found a bacterial infection, gave her a shot a week ago.
In recent days, though, it's up to once a day. Having to close the door to a room they enjoyed lazing and sunning in the window for before.
Deb, my wife, is tired of daily sheets laundry. Only advice to vet is: Come back in for a $$$ re-check. Uh, no. So we found Catster!
Any clues folks?

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My Maine Coon cat did this. I think she did it because it was payback to me for something she didn't like, like being left alone too long. The male tuxedo cat has also done this. Only happened once or twice. I washed everything and gave them more attention and everything has been fine since.