Are me and shadow the only korats on here?

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Jerome(2004-- 2010)

A lap is a- terrible thing- to waste
Purred: Wed Apr 22, '09 1:28pm PST 
We just joined..I'm a Korat type too! (though what I'm in reality nobody knows, obviously a DSH) I am not lost, but found..where did you live? I'm in Fairbury, Nebraska.


Purred: Wed May 6, '09 11:41am PST 
Im a Korat! and its nice to meet other Korats. smile


Purred: Thu Feb 18, '10 6:15am PST 
2 korat kittens Jasmine & Jericho are here! We live in Scotland x


Purred: Thu Feb 18, '10 6:16am PST 
Me and my sister are here - we are korats!


Purred: Fri Mar 19, '10 9:28pm PST 
Ladybug is also here now. She is a sweet but spazy little Korat. She was thrown out by her breeder cause she has a lighter gray spot on her chest and belly and a ringed tail and is probably a "runt". (How awful is that?) Thankfully someone else (maybe a family member that was sad that she was thrown in the garbage) took her to PAWS and passed the story on. Their garbage is most definitely my treasure! She is very vocal, yet rarely meows. Curious and hardly ever fearful. And has a serious addiction to tape.I am very interested in other Korats owners experiences as she is very different from other kitty's I have had...very picky eater but will eat lots of food she likes, super small (she is only 5lbs) and "talks" all the time! Would love to hear about your Korats!

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