Seal-point Siamese had black and gray kittens. Unusual?

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A neighbor on the floor below me has a seal-point Siamese cat that had a litter of 6 kittens in June 2013. Interesting thing though is that none of the kittens look like the Mom at all. 3 are solid gray, 3 are black/dark brown. All 3 of the gray cats are male, 1 of the 3 black cats is a male and the other 2 are female. The Queen is an unspayed indoor-outdoor cat so we have no idea what breed the male cat was she mated with to bring us these gray and black kittens. I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what these half-Siamese kittens could be mixed with.

I adopted 3 of them myself. 2 black, 1 gray. None have the Siamese style points, but my gray kitten does have a few stripes on his face and tail.

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Back in the late 60's my brother and his wife adopted a seal point siamese female.
She came from a shelter and was pregnant when they got her. She had a litter of 4 black and gray ( blue) kittens.
My mom adopted one of those kittens (a pretty blue girl) and bred her to a seal point boy. She had 2 kittens - a seal point male who's physique was that of a rugged alley cat and a ebony black kitten who was shaped like a siamese.
It was an interesting experiment in color variations. All of the kittens were placed in good homes. We kept the 3rd generation seal point alley cat - His name was Mia Pho.
None of the off spring had any white markings. Our thinking is that this maybe how the Korat, the Russian Blue, Burmese, and possibly other breeds started.

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It's Stella. Our person had a part-Siamese black cat when she was young. She had no markings but the build of a Siamese and was very mouthy. Apparently the markings disappear on the first breeding with a non-Siamese cat. Interesting that you can bring them back by breeding one of the half kittens with a full Siamese.

Also these kittens could have had different fathers, given the way sex works in the wild for cats. My momcat, gray and white tabby, had a litter that consisted of one black cat, one orange cat, one white kitten with two small gray and white patches, and two gray and white kittens. There are at least three fathers to these kittens.

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she must have mated with a black or grey cat with no siamese genes in the father.


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The seal point Siamese is genetically a black cat modified by the partial albinism Siamese gene. Your female carries the blue point gene-which is the blue dilution of black modified by the partial albinism Siamese gene. The father of the kittens must have been a black cat carrying the blue recessive since the kittens were all blacks and blues.