A blind kitten recently adopted

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Captain- James- Tiberius- Meatwad

Blind kitten- with BULGING- EYES
Purred: Thu Dec 5, '13 3:51pm PST 
I am a blind kitten who was adopted about four days ago by a newlywed couple. Maybe the fact that I'm the runt has something to do with it. Otherwise I am a healthy little kitten, but I've really been wanting to explore and play recently. The problem is that I can't see my toys, and the ball with the bell kind of confuses me.

Does anyone have any tips on how my parents can help me expend my playful energy and encourage me to grow without confusing me? Should they be more patient because I might develop more slowly than other kittens?
They told me they already know not to move furniture, my box, or my food without being careful to let me know. Any other advice for them would be greatly appreciated, because my hunting and playing (and biting) instincts are kicking in.
By the way, I'm only about 6 weeks old.