Crazy Rescue Kitten Behavior

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Dear folks,

On Halloween night we rescued a tortie kitten that the vet said was eight weeks old. Luckily for us she was not feral (although at the time we weren't sure) but purred deeply the first time we pet her (and now purrs anytime she sees us or gets petted... WHEN we can pet her).

From the start, however, she was a wild thing, playing and running (even without us assisting) until she panted and even then she wouldn't stop. Because neither my DW nor I had had a kitten for many decades (and never one this young) we weren't sure if this was normal but other forums assured us she would calm down as she grew older and we could wear her out (because eventually we need to integrate her with our 12 year old female tuxedo, Stella, who has ruled the roost for four years now by herself and isn't happy about sharing).

Now at 12 weeks Boo is, if anything more wild than ever. She has moments -- when she completely wears down she will cuddle and be as affectionate as any cat I've ever had. But these moments are few and far between. We have SLOWLY been introducing her to Stella, with mostly good success (due to the slowness of the introduction -- I read it was important to take it at their own pace and to always end with success so we have been doing it for only a few minutes at a time, with treats and the last couple of times no hissing on the part of Stella -- Boo has never hissed and would probably just like a friend).

So -- DW and I are worried. Is this normal kitten behavior to still be so crazed all the time? We absolutely cannot let her and Stella mix for more than 10 minutes or Boo would attack (she will leap at us when she's in this wild state -- nothing malicious it seems, but pouncing as if we are tiny mice to jump on and tussle with. I can only imagine what this would result in if she tries it with Stella). We are willing to keep them separate for months if that's what it takes, but I'm more worried there may be something wrong with this kitten (vet has checked her out completely health wise, and she will get the last of her shots this Friday).

We're also using Feliway throughout the house, with the dispensers installed in all major areas. I don't know if it helps but it can't hurt. I'm willing to try almost anything I can to make this work -- when she's calm she's the best kitten in the world (even when she's not she's cute -- but we old folks may not be able to handle a cat this active for too many more months).


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I just adopted a kitten I named Delilah. She is 12 weeks old as well and is just like this. Wild, and running around all the time. I'm pretty sure it's normal smile There's nothing to be worried about. She's just playful. She'll calm down as she ages as I'm sure Delilah will. Just gotta give it time.