3 mos. old Russian Blue & 1 yr. old Ragdoll

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Hi everyone!

My husband and I are planning to get a 3 mos. old Russian Blue kitten next week. We decided that we wanted our 1 yr old Ragdoll to have a playmate because we feel so sad for her when we're out of the house almost 8-10 hours a day.

Our Ragdoll is really playful and friendly. Occasionally when we go out of town, we drop her by my parent's house where there's an older Persian cat. My parent's cat doesn't like her presence that much, but she wasn't fazed by him at all, so we figured it'll be quite easy to introduce a playmate to her while she's still young.

Another matter is, my husband and I live in a condo. When I did my research in introducing cats, every article told me that they should be in different rooms for few days--but unfortunately, we have none. The only separate room we could provide is the bathroom. Can you guys give me an advice how to introduce them? Should I set up a pen instead?

Will appreciate any inputs! Thanks in advance! smile


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I have show kittens, when they come home from the breeder, at 8 weeks old, I confine them to the bedroom for 3 weeks, and the adults are not allowed in, they know the drill, they too are show kitties, and are very well behaved and very well trained.

After 3 weeks, I let one adult in, at a time, supervised, so they can see the kittens, but the adults know better than to attack the kittens, just as they know better than to try and attack another kitten at a show. I do this for a few min, to see how they react to the kittens, in most cases, it goes real well, but again, mine are already highly trained.

I do another week of this, its very very slowly, introducing the adults to the little kittens, very short interaction and supervised.

Then kittens are allowed into the household, to explore, and now they interact with all the adults at once. They have already seen each other, so its not a huge surprise.

I stand ready, with the water spray bottle, in case one adult, gets too rough, they are not trying to attack the kittens, they know better, but they view the kittens as toys, that move by theirselfs, that mommy got for them. If an adult starts to get too rough in play, I say.... no picking on kittens, and spray. On a very rare occassion, I have to scruff an adult, which is no more than his kitty momma would do, if he was miss behaving, and he knows to yeild to me, as head of the pride. I only pick up their front end off the ground, leaving their back end, on the ground.

Another 2 weeks of this, kittens out supervised, and back in the bedroom, when I am not home, and then kittens can stay out, even if I am not home.

Ya, this takes a long time, but I never ever had a prob, by the time, kittens were ready to go into the household, unsupervised.

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