kitten playing to rough...

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Princess Mits
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Mittens Is about 3-4 months now and is very playful. which is good. she is not super affectionate but will purr and rub up against you on her own terms. so i think she loves us but like he loving affection will turn into attack fest in 2.2 seconds! all of a sudden she is grabbing your arm and her ears are back and she is biting and kicking with her back to legs.... why? she understands when we say "be nice" and she will ease up but a min later she is trying again....i feel bad because she is little and there is no other kittens or cats for her to play with... what should we do?


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That sounds like pretty normal kitten behavior. She will most likely grow out of it on her own.

It usually helps to try to redirect her playfulness toward her toys. Play with her a lot and try different kinds of toys to keep her interested. If she bites or scratches you, let her know this is unacceptable by yelling "OWWW" and then refusing her any more attention until she calms down.

Good luck! Keep us posted! way to go

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Princess Mits
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ok thanks, im sure its not helping i have been sick and probably not playing with her as much as i should, yesterday i woke up to her running in and out of our room with her pulling her feather stick behind her... hint hint? i think so

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I like the last response. To add to this, I researched this issue for our 4 mo. kitten. Best advice: never use hands as toy and don't allow kitten to bite you at all. Immediately redirect to toys. I also use a soft little stuffed bear. Watch the kitten's body language and you can see signs before the lunge and bite. When you see it coming, gently push the bear into the kitty's four leg lock and let her bite it. Before long she/he will use the bear for that stress relief. Some kitty's only like a little petting on the head and then show the body signs and that means they are stressed beyond that point, 2 strokes, 4 strokes, whatever. Kitty was leaping on our bed, on us, and going in crazy circles. I found my husband was petting and rubbing her head like a dog, and she was over-stimulated. I showed him the article about this and now we are on the same page. We try to tire her with her fishing line toy before bed and not allow any play on the bed. She gets the idea very quickly. If she seems too ansy, I hold the fishing pole toy on the floor where she can play for 5 minutes. Then, she is happy. If I didn't redirect the play she would be climbing drapes, etc. And...this is a calm breed. Cats live by routines and she lets me know if I miss anything by a little cat talk. I can usually figure it out.


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I am having the same problem. My kitten is almost 6 weeks old and she loves to bite my fingers and arms, I try to redirect her as well and yell out OUCH! when she bites me (even when it doesn't hurt) just to let her know it isn't okay. My nieces and nephew are coming over this weekend and I am scared she will play rough with them (they range from ages 1-6 years old). Hopefully all goes well!