Need some help with this kitten.

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Hello everyone, I need a little bit of help.
So this stray mother cat has had some kittens in my back yard. have always tried to catch one and keep one for my self. A few weeks ago i notcied there was another kitten around. A few family members have caught it and held it. I have as well. The kitten was still to young to take away from her mother. So i decided to wait a few weeks. At the same time going out every once in a while to look for the kitten and hold and pet her. Recently as the kitten has gotten bigger. It's starting to hiss when i get close to her. Yesterday i found her and picked her up and brought her into the house. Other then a little suspicious of a new place. she was compleatly fine. Even fell asleep in my lap. Today i went out to look for her. And she ran away and hissed at me when i found her again. (she hides in a wood pile)
So i am just curious on what i should do. Since she is so hot and cold twords humans. Should i just pick her up while she is hissing and bring her inside and let her adjust to humans. Or cut my losses and let her be? cry
I have tried giving her solid food. But she doesnt seem interested. The mother enjoys my company. cause i feed her and what not. But the kitten usually backs away.
So any help or advice you could give would be most helpfull. Thank you very much.


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Keep working with her, she's so young that she will come around quickly!


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I just adopted a 2 mo. old feral kitten on 10/5, and in seeking out advice on how to socialize one, it sounds like the same thing. My girl was acting the same way. Keep working with her, keep showing her love and affection so she'll learn to trust you. If she is feral, she's little enough that you can still socialize her. Food is the key - if you show her that you're the one providing the food, she'll come to trust you. What I've learned so far about them is that food=love=trust.

Good luck! It sounds like you're doing everything right so far!