Retained kitten teeth...when to worry?

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Hi Catsters! Jerry's mom here:

I adopted Jerry three weeks ago, he's about 5 1/2 months old and his permanent teeth are coming in. It's been a long time since I've had a kitten, so I'm trying to remember the normal process of teething...thinking

Jerry's adult upper canines look to be most of the way in, but his kitten canines are still there. I know that they'll usually fall out on their own, but occasionally they need to be extracted by the vet.

I'm checking his teeth several times a day for changes, but so far his kitten canines don't show any sign of coming out. At which point do you think I should start to worry that this isn't progressing normally and have the vet intervene?

Thanks in advance for any advice! hug


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If the adult teeth are mostly in, the babies need to be looked at now--they aren't likely to fall out and can cause bigproblems if you wait too long. Find a vet that is GOOD at dentistry, not just 'yes we do dentals".


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Has he been neutered yet? If not, just have them removed when he's under to be fixed. Had to do it with one of my boys.



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Yeah, he's was neutered while he was at the shelter.

But I wanted to post an update: both of his baby canines fell out within 24 hours of my original post. I guess I was just being a worried mommy.

Thanks for the great advice! hug


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No, being a good mommy. OUR meowma is a worry wart and had just been to a kitty dental seminar, so had all these ugly possibilities in mind; if the canines are retained TOO long they can make nasties, glad yours fell out!


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Hee, when my first kitty was young, her canines took a LONG time to fall out, and we actually had surgery scheduled to remove them when I pulled back her lip and pressed gently on one tooth....and it fell out! It was lightly wedged between the adult canine and the tooth next to it. I turned her head, checked the other side, and the other tooth fell out too! We had a good laugh about that with the vet!