What is she trying to tell us?

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We have a female kitten aprox 12 weeks old. we have had her just over a month. She is great and we love her lots but we are having an issue. peeing, where we sleep or even on us. This started when we changed her litter, us new pet parents got her a different type of litter that she had before and she did not like. that night we feel asleep on the couch and she jumped on my husband sleeping and peeped on him. we changed the litter back and problem solved.She became to big for her box so we got her a new one, she used it when we were up no problem but we went to sleep in our bed we wake up to the smell of cat pee, on my husband again. we figured there was not much we can do, she has to get used to it and we had no other problems until today.

this afternoon we were laying down when we smelled cat pee. we found two spots where our pillows were on the mattress. now, i don't know when this happened because i didn't notice anything wet when we woke up and it was dried when we found it. also, we keep her out of our room when were gone. Now, what is the deal? is she upset? Not happy? She is a kitten so her mood does change often, she will be super playful attacking us, then scared and puffy for no reason. its hard to read because she is still little. she is becoming more affectionate so i think she is happy? she has a bed she tries to "Nurse" and kneads at it, is she missing her mom? she will often do that after she comes and rubs up at us. is all this connected? what can we do?