Kitten Pooping Everywhere. Help!!

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I have recently rescued 2 kittens after loosing my old cat, a home just isn't the same without them!
They are sisters and currently 14 weeks old, I got them at ten weeks old.
Although very timid and shy they have come on absolutely leaps and bounds and are truly a joy to own, however in the past week or so one of them has started pooping around the house, and not in the litter tray as she comfortably did before. She has gone behind the t.v, the sofa, and under the table.
The litter tray is a large one but the comfortably fit in it without a problem, at first I thought it was maybe because she hated the fact that it was already soiled, so I have kept it EXTRA clean, but with no change and it is placed far away from the food in an easy accessible place. She is fed whiskers kitten food and biscuits and treats have stopped, her sister never has an accident (I know this because almost every time she has done it I have caught her!!)
They are going to the vets tomorrow for there second jabs, so I will mention it also to the vet, but I just wondered if there was anybody out there with any ideas of what I can do to control it and stop it.
Thanks in advance smile

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Hi there!

Sometimes kittens need more time to learn the ropes....I know with our cats, which were kittens when we got them, we closed them in with the box for a long while. Just so they know that THIS is where we go potty. Kittens being babies, have shorter attention spans, and smaller bowels, so it can be hard for them to hold and know where to go when they are small and have a whole house to take in. Just re-teach them. Good luck! kitty

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I hope it was clear that when I said "locked them in with the box," I meant in a room! Not IN the box, lol.big laugh


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I love http://catinfo.org/?link=litterbox for all litterbox issues and recommendations. Also, although the box should be kept scrupulously clean, you may need to leave a bit of poop in there to remind her where she should go. Sometimes that's all it takes.


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Just wanted to add too....putting kitty in the box like every hour when you're home, will also remind the brain of where to go.

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You may have to get a second litter box, some just don't want to share. If possible find out what kind of litter they were using before you got them, some cats are really picky about their litter and don't like change. They are young still and I am sure the problem will resolve over time, try to be patient and kind, yelling or making a big deal of it will not help--not saying you are doing that BTW! wink. Good luck, hope you enjoy your new furry family! smile