New Kitten vs. 1.5 Year Old Cat

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Purred: Fri Aug 16, '13 6:04am PST 
Hi Catster!

So Toasty was feeling very lonely since I moved out on my own with Boyfriend, and is home alone a LOT more than he is use to. After a month of sad meows we decided to get him a little sister. He is very gentle and mellow but loves to play and constantly wants attention. smile

Today is day 2 so maybe it is too early but they seem to be getting along. She adores him and keeps giving him kisses on the nose but he won't actually touch her just yet, he just follows her and they run around together.

However, he will NOT let me touch or pet him. This is a cat that demanded to be picked up and cuddled constantly and never pulls away, but I can't even touch him. Will this get better?? Is he mad? Kitten does try to cuddle me all the time but I push her away and go to pet Toast first, but he is still uncool with it.

What to do?


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Purred: Mon Aug 19, '13 5:01am PST 
Let things settle down a bit more. It takes a couple of weeks for everyone to work out even the basics of a relationship. It could be that Toast is just being extra careful until they work out their status with each other. He'll come around once everything calms down.