Cat swallowed ribbon Help!

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I came out to the living room and saw my cat chewing/swallowing a ribbon nearly 2ft long. So when i seen this my reaction was to grab some of it that was hanging out of his mouth that he was still chewing and i pulled out about 4-5 inches of ribbon which was cut away from the rest of the ribbon.. He swallowed the rest and was choking for about 10 seconds and then it stopped. Around 1 minute later he was running around playing with my other cat and being his old self again. He looks perfectly fine i gave him some water and he drank and just went about his usually life.
Should i be worried?!?

What's the likelihood he'll poop/throw it up. I also heard it can wrap around his intestine what's the chance of this happening?

(I'm posting this around 30 minutes after he swallowed it)

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Yes, you should be worried eek Get your cat to the vet ASAP! I would not wait for the cat to poop because with such a long ribbon, it most likely will not come out. If you see a piece of ribbon sticking out of the butt or mouth, DO NOT pull on it! The ribbon may be twisted up inside and you don't want to risk ripping the intestines or something.

In emergencies such as this, don't post online and wait for an answer. Just get your cat to the vet ASAP.

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i know this is late but for anyone else who may post about a simular thing:

i agree with above. vet ASAP!! ribbon can get caught in the intestine and cause a major problem.

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