12 wk old kitten suddenly very clingy

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Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to give some background info. The 1st couple days of June we found Tiger abandoned & decided to keep him. I was unsure of how old he was, he had no teeth yet, but was walking quite well. Within a wk he had 2 top & 2 bottom teeth, over the next wk or so the rest of his teeth came in. He took to the litter box right away & when we went to bed at night he would walk over to his cat bed & go to sleep. He seemed to take to everything so well & very sweet and loving kitty. One thing I noticed is whenever he cuddles up to anyone he starts to purr then suckle & kneed anywhere on ur body he can. At first I thought it was cute, but overtime it has got aggravating & I stop him whenever he tries. He has now taken to laying on the bathroom rug and sucking & kneeding on it. Then out of nowhere, the last week when I go out onto the porch he will stand at the screendoor & meow or climb the screen until he can see me & meows till I come inside. The first few days he wouldn't do it when I was on the back porch, only when I was on the front porch, now it's both. If I'm doing dishes he will stand at my feet, when I come out of the bathroom he's sitting right outside the door looking up at me. When I go up to my room anytime of day just putting up laundry & coming back out he chases after me. When I go to bed he will meow outside the door & put his paws underneath. I tried waiting a bit to see if he'd give up & go to his bed but he carries on. If I let him in he'll sleep for awhile but then gets up and plays & starts making all kinds of noises w/whatever he's found to play with. He always liked to cuddle w/me at times during the day over the last 2 months but never did any of this stuff.He will always do this to my husband & our 2 boys at times but mostly just me. I dont know whats causing his clingy behaivor lately! I'm a stay at home mom so he's not left alone & he's got plenty of toys, a cat tower, we play with him plenty. Anyone have any ideas? I love my kitty but he's driving me crazy lately! If it makes any difference I'm thinking he's about 12 wks or so.


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He is still a baby, and he is looking at you as his surrogate mom. Alot of kittens that are orphaned early will do the kneading & suckling moreso because they did not have that from their catmom. It is a comfort action for them. I think he should outgrow this, but needs some patience. I have a cat that I raised form 1 week old, and she displayed some odd behaviors (still does laugh out loud) that I attribute to her not growing up with her littermates & catmom. Tiger is at an age where he would just be getting adopted & on his own now. Maybe try a Feliway diffuser. The pheromones in it may help him relax some & feel more comforted. You can even try a towel or shirt that you wore & put it in his bed & being able to smell his "mom" may bring him more comfort. I hope things go ok for you. If all else fails, also speak to your vet, they may have even more suggestions on this.


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It's Stella. A long time ago, before me, our person was given a kitten who was separated from her momcat too young. They gave her a stuffed toy, like the ones dogs like to carry around in their mouth, to cuddle with and she loved it very much. Any stuffed toy about the same size as she is, with short fur or terry cloth, and no button eyes that could be chewed off and swallowed, will work. You can give it your own scent to make her feel more secure. Poor little kitten! Hope this works! I hade my own stuffed toy, "Mr, Moose," when I was a kitten, although he was more a dragging around, throwing around toy than a cuddle one. [He was actually a stuffed antelope from a museum that I stole and dragged around with me.]