My new kitten, Maine coon mix?

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Willow Jade

Purred: Tue Jul 16, '13 8:11pm PST 
I adopted my fur baby Willow yesterday, I immediately fell in love with her big fluffy tail and sweet demeanor. She looks to me like she could be a main coon mix. She has "fluff", giant whiskers, ear fluffs, large feet, and a long torso to start with. Her picture is in my icon, and I'm going to try and upload some more if possible.

Any insight would be great, she's such a sweet baby girl!


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Purred: Wed Jul 17, '13 5:46am PST 
Hi there!

She does seem to have certain features of a Maine Coon, although to a mild degree.
Her official breed would be "domestic short hair, tabby".
If you look at purebred Maine Coons,
they are very "shaggy" looking, and very solid creatures.
Their ears and head have a very distinct shape.
They are also slow to reach full adult size.

She looks a lot like my Toby, who also sports Maine Coon features,
however when compared to a purebred Maine Coon, it's easy to see the differences, even though we are from Maine.

Here is a good link that describes Maine Coons: http://maine-cooncat.com/ismy.html

Here are some examples of "purebred Maine Coons":

Maine Coon Short Hair

Maine Coon Long Hair

Pretty girl!

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She does look like she could be. I didn't know that mine possibly was until my vet pointed it out. When I look at pictures of him as a kitten, he looked just like a tabby, but as he grew, he got the fluffy maine, tail, fluff between his feet pads, and his personality is spot on with maine coons, eating with paws, playing with water, and he does the chirpy thing too, and he is very quiet. He is one of the sweetest, most beautiful cats I have ever owned. I think he either got lost out of someones house, or was dumped in my neighborhood, because he clearly did not know how to be outside, he acted like he had never been so before. He is 5 now, about 15 pounds.....one of the few things about him that makes us sure he is not a full maine coon, he would be a lot bigger probably. He is a sweetie. Your kitty looks a lot like he did as a kitten.


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Here is a photo of a Maine Coon as posted on the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) site:

Maine Coon from Cat Fancier's Association Site

Willow Jade

Purred: Wed Jul 17, '13 6:11pm PST 
Thank you all! Willow has a general wellness apointment with my other cat's doctor this weekend. I'm excited to see what his opinion is!