1 week old kitten has diarrhea?

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Alright, so we have been giving our orphaned kitten Hartz canned KMR since we've found him. Everything was going alright and such, but then I started researching on how it could be harmful and isn't a good brand. So I went and bought PetAg canned KMR. He took it well the first feeding, but now he's not really taking it, and started having diarrhea after changing formulas. We did the skin test to see if he was hydrated and the skin stays pretty much up. What should we do?!

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Skin that stays up when pulled is a sign of dehydration shock Diarrhea makes dehydration worse because water won't stay in the body which can lead to the body shutting down. Can you take the kitten to a vet ASAP for treatment? There might be a health issue that is causing the diarrhea likes worms, not just the change in formula.