Weird hard like thing under kittens chin?

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Alright, so me and my mom have an orphaned kitten. He seems to be doing great, hes pooping, peeing, everything. We are using hertz canned kitten formula that we got from walmart. Anyways, just recently, I found something under the kitten's chin. It's like a white scab like thing. I think it might be just dried milk that has dripped then just stuck to his fur, or something. But I'm just curious if that's something to be worried about. We took the kitten to the vet yesterday and everything checked out. Not sure if we would want to do another $40 dollar check up for him to tell me it's just milk.

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Hartz isn't a very popular band here shrug The products tend not tbe very safe for aniamls, particularily flea collars and health items. KMR is a better brand. I'm not sure if Wal Mart has it thinking Petco and other pet stores will definitely have it way to go

Try washing the chin with warm water to see if that removes the bump. Cats can get acne but it doesn't happen in kittens. http://www.catster.com/lifestyle/cat-health-adult-feline-acne-cats-prevention


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Merlin is right, dump hartz, and go with kmr. how old is the kitty? just keep washing his chin, and keep a eye on his chin. sounds like dried milk, but, keep a eye on it, for a few days.