When is the best time to get my kitten's shots?

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I have 2 adult cats that need their shots also and that will be fixed in august. I would like to take the adults and the three kittens together at the same time. How much are shots also? and what all shots are recommended.
-I'm a young, new cat owner


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Many animal shelters and spay/neuter organizations offer low-cost vaccination opportunities. Call around to find out what's available in your area.


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I foster a lot of kittens, and here is my personal protocol for vaccines. You can talk to your vet about whether this schedule is right for your kitty too. Vaccine schedules are highly personal and sometimes controversial, so don't be surprised if you get many different answers to your question.

8 weeks: FVRCP vaccine ($19 at the low cost clinic in my neighborhood) I would also do feline leukemia if your kitty is going to be going outdoors. (also $19 at my low cost clinic)

12 weeks: FVRCP again. Also feline leukemia again if your cat will be going outdoors.

16 weeks: FVRCP, feline leukemia (for cats who will go outside) and Rabies. (Rabies vaccine is $12 at the clinic I go to)

1 year: FVRCP, Rabies.

After the 1 year mark, I do rabies annually (DO NOT get the three year rabies vaccine for cats) and FVRCP every three years.

Fo r the adult cats, it kind of depends on their vaccine history. If you don't know it, and you suspect they haven't had their shots, you can start from scratch as though they were a kitten...three sets of vaccines four weeks apart, then boosters at a year, etc. This toes the line into overkill, BUT as a vet tech I saw MANY more adult cats with preventable diseases than I did with vaccine related problems, so I'm inclined toward treating cats with unknown vaccine histories as unvaccinated.

There might come a point there I would stop giving the FVRCP vaccine to an older cat (especially an indoor only cat) but keeping the rabies vaccine up to date is a legal matter, and I am very careful to always keep it up to date. If your kitty is not up to date on rabies and he either bites someone or is bitten by an unknown animal, you can potentially have a huge problem on your hands.