Rescue kitten chafing

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Mao mei

Purred: Sat Jun 15, '13 2:17am PST 
Hi there,

Our little 2 week old rescue kitten, Mao Mei, seems to have lots of chafing on her back legs. I think it must be because we have irritated her skin when stimulating her to poo and wee. She has had some diarrhoea so we had to clean her pretty often for a while. We have been using soft cotton wool pads but even so it seems like it's pretty sore, she really complains when we clean her and when when stimulate her bottom now. The skin is not broken but seems to be kind of flaky and red. Does anyone have experience with this or suggestions as to whether this is something to worry about and what we should do? Many thanks


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Purred: Sat Jun 15, '13 1:56pm PST 
Probably from the diarrhea. I raised Maizy from 1 week, but did not have the redness issue. I used a pad moistened with warm water to get her to go. I wonder if using a baby wipe for sensitive skin may help to soothe that. If the kitten is not really grooming yet, it should be safe even if it licks the area. If the loose stools do not resolve very quickly though, you need to contact a vet, because a kitten can go downhill VERY quickly with diarrhea. Good luck with your teeny one!