Am I a ragdoll???

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Looking for some expert advice please. I rescued this kitten and was wondering the breed. My vet thought she was a ragdoll or a ragdoll mix. She's 6 weeks old now and starting to get into condition and putting on weight (she was found on a lady's back porch with her dead siblings) She has large round blue eyes, black nose, ears, tail, legs and feet. whitish/greyish body. roundish head small snout with a little nose just poking out. She's getting playful but loves to to snuggle up and have her belly rubbed. She is very docile while bathing and being picked up. Seems to be intelligent. only after 1 week she knows her name, using the litterbox and knows no. I've fallen madly in love with her and keeping her kissing I'm not really worried about the breed but some friends are saying ragdoll, persian,siamese or himalayan it would be nice to say no she's a ?????


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As a stray, she's most likely not purebred anything, but she certainly has the pointed gene in her. Many cats do carry that gene. She looks like she's a seal tortie-point (seal is the dark brown color, tortie point because her face looks like it has the tortoiseshell pattern). Hard to tell if she'll be short or long-haired. Won't know until she's older. She sure is super cute!


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Very cute! Ragdolls are big girls like 9 plus pounds. It could be at least six months before she has gotten all of her adult weight. The tail is the best way to know if she is a long hair. But it was not in your picture. If she gets to be 7-8 pounds she may be a Himalayan. If not a long hair then Siamese.

(Ruled out Showshoe, Balinese, Birman, Mitted Ragdoll.)


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She has some similarities to my purebred Ragdoll, so it's definitely a possibility!