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Purred: Wed May 15, '13 2:57pm PST 
I'm sure this is the biggest most common thread on here, but how have you dealt with kittens biting?

Our little girl is starting to get real playful. We're working hard at showing her how much more fun toys are than people hands, and trying not to play wrestle with her with our hands. It's like torture to my fiance who so desperately wants to play wrestle, but ouch, I don't want to keep getting little sharp tooth bites!

I've heard some recommend a 'playtime' glove/sock that they wear on their hand if they do want to play wrestle with their kitty, and make sure that the kitty knows it's only playtime when that glove is on. Has anyone had luck with that? I would love to give him the 'ok' if you think it would be fine and not mess up training.

Any other tips? She's cute as a button but boy she's like a baby tiger!


Monster of- Mayhem
Purred: Wed May 15, '13 8:42pm PST 
Two better options than the sock which only further encourages the biting behavior:
First--Use wand-type toys. Feathers on sticks are fun and they keep your hands out of harm's way.
Second--If she does start biting at you, withdraw your hand and walk away. She'll figure out pretty quickly that she can't get attention through biting and stop.


Purred: Thu May 16, '13 11:04am PST 
Yeah I figured that would be the case. I'll tell my boyfriend to keep the sock away! laugh out loud

What about hunting ankles? When I'm cooking she loves to follow my feet and bite and pounce! Walking away just makes my feet look more like fun toys to hunt, and standing still just leaves me getting bit more. I'll tell her no and sometimes she'll stop, but it hasn't stopped her attacking.


Purred: Fri May 17, '13 8:59pm PST 
My baby girl has the same issue sometimes. She's slowly growing out of it though. Try doing more wand toys and make sure she understands biting is not okay.