Those fun electrical cords and me

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Purred: Fri May 10, '13 4:44am PST 
Our mommy is about to tear her hair out, kittehs! My sister and I are 7 week old kittens and we just loooove to chase and play and chew on those fun black cords that make all of Mommy and Daddy's stuff work. Mommy keeps yelling at us for it though (cause she is mean!)

She unplugs all of the nonessential cords, like the one that makes her weird "sellaphone" work, when she leaves for work in the morning and she makes Daddy do the same, and she yells at us as soon as she sees us chasing and/or biting on them when they are home, but she told Daddy last night she's worried about us chewing through things she can't unplug all the time, like all the cords to the TV.

We love our mommy and don't want her to worry. Any suggestions on what she can do to keep us safe and help us stop chewing on those fun cords?


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Purred: Fri May 10, '13 12:53pm PST 
I have one like this. Trek has destroyed 4 power cords to various things. First, kittens do grow out of this eventually. As for things to help keep kittens from electrocuting themselves, here are a few suggestions"
Some specialty pet stores have clear plastic cord covering that is infused with a citrus taste that isn't appealing to cats. You just wrap it around cords and it's cut to fit.
Pipe insulation can work for a large bundle of wires, such as around a TV or computer.
Bitter Apple spray works on some cats. Spray it on the cords and they may be deterred by the taste, but I also know plenty of cats who are determined enough to deal with the taste
The most successful thing I have found is using Sticky Paws (the double sided tape designed to prevent cats from scratching on furniture) on cords. The stickiness of it is not appealing in the least to cats.

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Office supply stores sell electrical cord covers. These are meant to prevent people from tripping over cords and cords from getting crushed under rolly chairs.

Fish tank air tubing works well. You can get a large roll for pretty cheap. Hardware stores sell similar flexible clean plastic tubing in larger diameters that you can fit thicker electical cords or multipel cords into. Cut a piece to length and carefully slit it open lenghtwise so you can slip the cords inside.

Hot sauce and bitter apple spray supposedly work shrug


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Leena, sorry you have such a mean mommy that won't let you chew on those awesome cords. My mommy doesn't let me do that either frown She also won't let me climb the drapes any more.....she is no fun at all. I am almost a year old, but I still want to behave like a little kitten, so I keep climbing the drapes when she is not around. I get to the top of the curtain rod, and then I can't get down. Growing up stinks, all the fun things you can't do any longer frown Mom bought me a big Armarkat cat tree, it is so cool, it has a crow's nest at the very tippy top that I love to sleep on....it makes me feel like the "KING OF THE WORLD"!, and my fat brother Taffy won't even climb up there, so it's all mine! That helps me get out some of my "climbing aggression". I have learned the horrible word NO, ugh, I DO NOT like that word one bit, but I sure know what it means. I have learned that I cannot scratch the couch and I cannot chew the cords. I think it just takes a while for us little guys to learn things like this. I guess mom knows what is good for us, so hopefully you will learn that awful word NO too, ugh, so you don't hurt yourself chewing on those cords. Moms are no fun sometimes!