4 Week old kitten advice.

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About 4 weeks ago, a cat had kittens in my garage. There's only two. I made them a nesting box, and took care of the mom cat for the past 4 weeks. All is going well, but now the kittens are starting to escape the box.

It's on a two foot high shelf off of the ground. I blocked it up the best I can, but they are big enough to where they can get out the way the mother does. There's only one way in and out. The garage is used for storage and it's pretty big with lots of junk lying around, so I'd rather not have them out and about in there.

I can't move them in to my apartment because I already have a cat. He's a male tabby, about 15 years old. I got him when my mom passed away about a year ago. He's not very socialized with other cats. He is neutered, though. The kittens would be easier to keep away from him if I just brought them inside, but they are too young to take from the mother.

I'm thinking of moving them to a big plastic storage containers so they can't climb out.

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Do you have an extra bedroom you can put the kittens and their mom in? Can you contact a rescue and see if they can take the mom cat and kittens? thinking Or bring the mom and kittens to a shelter. Kittens are easily adopted but maybe you can ask the shelter to adopt out the kittens with their mom thinking If you don't plan on keeping the mom and kittens, you probably should start putting up flyers and ads to find a good home for them.

A big NO to the storage box idea eek eek No container is big enough lengthwise or deep enough to contain active kittens and allow them to comfortably play, eat, sleep in. Were you planning to use the lid as well? shock A lid, even with multiple large ventilation holes poked into it, does not provide enough air exchange. The kittens could suffocate inside the box. Even with the lid off, a kitten can easily jump over the side of a container. Some kittens like to chew on everything. Plastic shards from the chewing on the box can cause serious intestinal injury.

Kittens are naturally curious and want to explore their new world. Everything is new to them.

If the mom and kittens must stay in the garage, consider buying a large crate/playground instead of the plastic container. Here's one kind: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3261+20830+24906&pcatid=24906