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kitten feeding help

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions - big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.


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smileHi everyone! Just recently adopted two four and a half month old sister kittens. They must have been in a multi-cat household as they race to gobble their food down. They have their own feeding bowl here but still eat way to fast. Any way to slow them down? ...Also they tend to cry for food when my wife and I go to the kitchen at any time even when they have just been fed. They are being fed the correct amounts according to the Iams company for their age. We have had them for about a week. Any help for the kitchen crying apart from food times?..We do feed around the same times every day..Thanks all

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congrats on your new babies! What fun! They may need another deworming, so if you haven't done so already, take them (along with a stool sample) to the vet for a checkup.

I strongly recommend feeding your kittens wet food (if you are not already doing so)- it's much healthier for them than dry. Much higher in protein and moisture, much lower in carbs, more easily digested, more filling. Give them 4-6 small meals a day rather than just two large ones. That will help keep them satisfied.

For years I fed my cats dry food only. Now they get only canned. Their fur is softer and shiner, dandruff is gone, shedding is greatly reduced, they don't throw up furballs anymore, and the fat ones have lost weight.


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Congrats on your new babies! I adopted a new baby in December, he was a stray that found me. I would definitely check to see if they have worms, if they have not been de wormed yet, that could be one issues. My boy has been de wormed and check again for worms and has none, but he is a bottomless pit, so I hear you. He is in the kitchen two minutes after he eats. He has to go lick every one's bowl, including the dog, when they are done, in case a speck was left behind. I think part of the problem in your case is that they are growing kittens, and kittens eat a lot. I agree also with the other poster that they would be so much better off on wet food. I know it's a hassle, but it's so much better. I think the reason you hear so many cat people preach about wet food, is that we know the issues that it can lead to with UTI's, and we have seen friends and family over the years who feed dry exclusively, and their cats live until 10 or 11, and they die of kidney failure. My own cats have had issues with UTI's, my male almost died twice from urinary blockage while he was on dry, and has been on wet food 4 years now and no more problems. You can read about this. Vets always are quick to push their crappy food on you that profits them greatly, or scare you that they will have horrible gingivitis if they don't eat dry food. If you feel like that is something you think they need, at least giving them some dry food but mostly wet would be better than all dry. When I didn't know any better, way back in the beginning, I fed Beep science diet dry and she was hungry 24/7. Then when I was informed how there was literally no meat, that it was mostly corn with very little meat by product, I realized this poor cat was getting no meat. I then put her on a good quality food that had meat as the first ingredient and she was instantly satisfied. My cats were eating Newman's Own Oraganic, which I find in my local grocery store, but it is a decent canned food, but it had too much grain in it and Stephano was crazy hungry still...he would knock over the trash can, he would eat through a box of cereal to get to it, even when I fed him more, he was still hungry. So I put him on Wellness canned, chicken or turkey (no fish - not good for urinary issues either) and finally, this kitten is satisfied after he eats. I actually am feeding him less now by feeding him a higher quality food. Also, in my opinion, fancy feast classics, which are the pate type, are better than even a good quality dry food. Many cat people agree with me on that. My feral cat eats fancy feast (and squirrels and rats and who knows what else) and she has an amazingly beautiful coat. When I first started feeding my feral, she was a gray, drab, dull color, when I started feeding her, she has all these beautiful colors come out in her coat. I don't mean to preach, I just know what has worked for us over the years, and the things I have learned by trial and error, and from fellow cat owners, and from a holistic vet that I trust very much. My cats are like velvet, they have the most amazing coats, the vets even ooh and ahh over them when they go in.


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FYI, my kitten Stephano, did still have tapeworms, even after recieving a de worming when he got his shots. I don't think it was the worms that was his problem, he is just a little pig. Kittens are like teenage boys...they are never full!