Is this normal?

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My kitten is about three months give or take (I'm not exactly sure, we picked her up from a litter of kitten that weren't her own; she had been abandoned so we're not positive on her exact age). When we first got her she was very calm and slept alot, didn't do much and wasn't very vocal. Now, she zips around the house, bouncing off of furniture, cimbs up my pant legs and my sweaters to sit on my shoulder. I realize as shes getting older shell have more energy and since she's adjusting to her surroundings, this behavior is expected... but I'm concerned because she hasn't been very vocal and now she's constantly making these...

I don't know how to describe it. Trilling noises. Kind of like a meow/purr. When she's playing, or right after she eats. Or whenever she sees me come in the door, she makes the noise and charges for me.

Is she uncomfortable, or trying to tell me something in specific? She is fed well, kept clean, her litter box is cleaned daily, and I play with her all the time (when she indicates she wants to do so)


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She is happy to see you - that is what the little chirpie trill noises are. She is young and now you are her kitty-parent, so you are greeted as such. A couple of mine will make that noise when I call their name kind of like "what mom you called?" The energy, well that is a kitten being a kitten, and she feels safe & happy. Ennjoy your little one - just like kids, they grow up too fast! wave


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Okay well now that makes a lot of sense! whew, haha.
she is very affectionate and follows me from room to room.
im relieved to know shes happy, im doing my best to make sure she is!
thanks big grin


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Sancho is 4 months old, and he makes the exact same prrrt noises, mostly when he is playing, excited, feels like some cuddles etc. Your kitten is just playing with you when it does these things... embrace it smile Its a great compliment! happy dance


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Bouncing off the furniture is very normal for a kitten. They need some watching as they are dare devils at this age. My kitten made the same sounds as you are describing. Enjoy this time as it goes by quickly. Soon, it will be neuter time and your kitten will calm down a bit. Mine was neutered by the time she was five months olds......

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I agree, it is just a kitten way of telling you "I'm happy here, I love you!!"....even my grown cats do this now and then. It's so sweet. And yes, the bouncing off the furniture, etc. are all normal "Kitten Friskies".

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She feels good now! You are doing a good job keeping her happy so she is letting you know smile