Litter suggestions for 4 month old kitten

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Hello! For Christmas my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to adopt a cat at a local animal shelter (he's not a cat fan but I wore him down I guess, haha). I ended up adopting a 4 month old beautiful female tiger cat.

I'm not new to having cats by any means, I always grew up with cats in my house, but this is the first time I've had a kitten in 15 years. While we were getting cat supplies I ended up buying the litter I usually used, forgetting that kittens can't use clumping litter.

When we went to the shelter to pick her up yesterday, I asked the woman there for her suggestions on non-clumping litters since I'd never used them. She said it's best not to use litter at ALL for kittens, and instead suggested lining the box with newspaper. I'd never heard this but decided to take her advice.

Newspaper, however, ends up being pretty messy and smelly. I'm REALLY hoping there's a kitten-friendly brand of litter out there someone could suggest.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have Amazon prime so if it's on Amazon that's fine, I can order it that way.



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By four months old, a cat should be all right using clumping litter.


I've never heard of using newspaper for litter, unless your kitty is being subjected to an unnecessary declawing procedure--which, I hope, the people at your shelter or SPCA would be advising against!

Bless you for adopting! Keep us posted. hug

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Oh no, she's definitely not declawed. The woman working there said that newspaper was just safer so kittens wouldn't be swallowing any litter. Rather than worrying about who was old enough to deal with litter and who wasn't, they used newspaper for all the cats.

I'll test out the clumping litter with her starting today. We've got a vet appointment next week just to give her a general checkup, so I guess we could ask the vet if the litter is doing any damage.



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You can use non-clumping litter for a month but I think clumping is fine for a four month old kitten. I did use non-clumping when I got my three months old kitten for two months. Now, she uses the clumping litter. I like Dr. Elsey's litter or Stop and Shop clumping litter that has no
deodorizers in it. Kittens are fun but you have to be careful about the damages that they do and places they love to find. Until I knew Juliette well, she had the bedroom for a couple of weeks. When I was not at home, I kept her there until I knew that she was fine. By five months, I knew her well enough to trust her. She still likes to wander....My older cat follows her around.
I hope that your Christmas ornaments are away and no tinsel. ---no rubber bands, curley ribbons are Alex's favorite problem makers.....Enjoy your kitten's antics...


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Congrats on your new baby!! If you really want a paper type - they do have Yesterdays News which is a paper litter. I couls swear that I saw a kitten litter at Petco, but I don't remember the name. If you are concerned about her ingesting it, maybe a corn litter. But she should be fine with clumping. I use the walnut litter for Felix because he had hurt his foot & leg and it is soft, I like it, but not everyone does.


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By the time my foster kittens are four months old (I fi still have them by then) they are on a clumping litter. If you really want a non-clumping litter, one rescue I've worked with uses Blue Naturally Fresh pellets for all of their kittens.