Discovered kitten's been peeing and pooing in spare room....

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I adopted a 4 month old kitten a few weeks ago. I also have a 4 year old cat and it's been quite the adjustment. Kitten has a litter box in the spare bedroom which is hers. Adult cat has a litter box in the bathroom. Kitten tends to use both but adult cat gets angry with her when she uses her litter box so she's chase her if she goes into her litter. This morning I was upstairs in my lounge space (room) off the loft. I noticed that the kitten had been peeing and pooing on the blankets located there including my feather bed which is now destroyed...... Some was dry and hard but there was also still wet pee so there has been recent activity as well. She was a rescue, from Wendy's, but was also fostered. Can anyone shed any light on why she's doing this and how to stop if from happening other places in the home. I've sprayed down the carpet and closed the door but I am not sure if this is going to be the end of this behavior.


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She is frightened to go in the other box, so she found a safe place to go. You need to use an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle type to get rid of ALL the urine, or she will go right back. Try cat attract litter in her box. Maybe confine her to a smaller area for a bit to help her as she is still young. If a kitty is nervous to use the box for some reason, they will find somewhere else. Has she been to the vet though? Make sure there is not an underlying urinary issue or infection.