My kitten will not leave me alone!

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Couper- Monroe

I am a spoiled- brat.
Purred: Fri Oct 5, '12 8:18pm PST 
I have had Couper for two weeks now and he wants to be on me every minute of the day. I love how sweet and affectionate he is, but everytime I try to put him down, he whines and immediately jumps right back into my lap. I can barely play with the kids because he is ALWAYS on me. It's cute but not ALL of the time. What should I do?

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go getter kitter
Purred: Fri Oct 5, '12 10:39pm PST 
I know it sounds nuts, but get another kitten. Much etter...and half as much trouble as one


Purred: Sun Oct 7, '12 12:17pm PST 
maybe you should feed him more. How old is the kitten? Excessive neediness might also be the sign that he doesn't feel well.


'cause his touch- is too much!
Purred: Sun Oct 7, '12 4:23pm PST 
I second Pandora's idea of a second kitten. If you are even thinking it is a possibility you will get a second cat in the future is it so much easier to do it now so they can grow up together.

I will forever be a single kitty because of this. Other can't just aren't my thing.

Assuming that nothing else is wrong, of course!