Please HELP! My kitten has a strange skin problem.

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I am worried sick! PLEASE help.
I have consulted 3 vets and in my part of the country (Punjab in India) none of the vets have any practical know-how related to felines. They simply apply the same treatment of dogs to the cats. (One of them even told me to feed him milk and bread all the time)

I adopted this malnourished black kitten who happened to be an orphan at an age of 3 weeks.I have named him Shadow.
Shadow was a very weak and malnourished guy,with his bones showing, but he ate a lot and quickly gained some weight.
Now he is 12 weeks old and for a long time he had these strange bald patches under his neck , hind legs and at the base of his tail.
One of the vets attributed it to weakness, the other said that it was an allergy, the third said that this was some food allergy due to heat generated in this body.
He has no parasites at all because he has been given a shot of Revolution and is a purely indoor cat.I have never seen any fleas or ticks on him. And he rarely ever scratches these areas, just licks them in a very normal way.

As i said earlier, the bald area are---
His neck(from the chin to the chest)
top of his head and ears
base of the tail
Hind Legs
front paws

He grooms normally, doesn't scratch any area badly, is playful and happy, eats well, poops normal.

Why I am scared??

First of all, there is NO vet here who knows a thing about cats.(One didn't even know about his vaccinations and didnt even touch the kitten)

Second,earlier the exposed skin was pink and now it has started turning blueish black in color. The rest of the skin(under the normal hair growth is still pink.

It doesn't have any symptoms of a Ringworm and as i said, no fleas.
I couldnt find any good cat food here. Apart from ME-O and Asian Whiskas(both of which are not very good) .
I fed him Whiskas dry and wet food and thought that this is a food allergy, but now I am feeding him chicken ONLY from past two weeks and there is NO change.

If anybody here is a vet himself/herself or has faced this problem or has any idea about this PLEASE let me know what should i do??What do I do to make him healthy?
And in case you are going to the vet any time soon , can you please ask him what actually this is? I will take care of the rest.

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How challenging for you. I would do this:
Would it be possible for you to concact a vet school in India and ask? I would also google online and see what there is by way of online vet consultations.

I just don't know. It might help if you could post pictures of what this looks like. There are online vets who might be able to help. I would, however, contact a Vet School. Even if in another part of the country, there may be a way to get a diagnosis and help.

Sending many purrs.

Cornell Vet School in NY is very good. Perhaps calling them, they could give you an idea of what to do.

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Orange Ruffy had some good suggestions, and especially if you could get good clear photos and attach them to e-mail, the staff at the vet college would be able to offer suggestions.

Bless you for taking in this kitten. And we are sure other CATSTER members can add suggestions. Please keep us posted, we all undertstand your cocern.

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