Food schedule

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Purred: Wed Oct 3, '12 1:34pm PST 
Dear Catster community,
Can anyone tell me at what age should a kitten should be introduced to scheduled feeding? I know that kittens should eat as much as they want and because their stomachs are small they should often. But when should I switch to scheduled feeding?



mon petit chat- noir
Purred: Fri Nov 2, '12 9:26am PST 
I kind of started that when they get about 10 months old or so. Just try it at that time, and if kitty is still really hungry, give some food. I feed all of mine 4 times a day (due to 1 kitties issues) so they all eat theri portion split between those feeds. Felix is 6 months old, and if he asks for more food in between, he gets it - but he is usually satisfied with that schedule. cat on moon