How were you named?

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions - big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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What a fun thread! Very interesting to see how every cat got their name. smile

Charlie's name is inspired by 2 people. When Charlie found us we weren't even going to name him (because he was suposed to only be a foster)but then we decided what the heck lets just name him.After going through a bunch of random names I decided he needed to be named after a Lost character (the show had just ended & I was really missing it), & so he was named Sawyer for about a week. But some of my family members didn't love the name so we tossed around a few more & then I suggested Charlie and argued that with the name not only could he be named after the best (and my favorite) Lost character but also Charlie Chaplin which worked for him because Chaplin was a black & white movie actor and the cat is black & white. The name fit him well & the everyone liked it.

Dora was named because when she was very young & still on the bottle and trying to get a hang of the whole walking and balance thing, she would always surprise us by how much she would want to explore things. She was this itty bitty runty kitten who was a slow & wobbly when walking, but here she was trying to climb our couch or attempt to hike up our arms so she could perch ontop of our heads. We would call her our little explorer & so when we decided she needed a name Dora (the explorer) seemed very fitting. We did name her when she was only a foster & we had no plans of adopting her and to be honest if we knew we were going to keep her we probably would have named her something else but the name really does suit her & I don't know if I could see her with any other name.

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I got my name as I was very very tiny, I wieghed only 4 oz at 6 weeks old and almost died a handful of times, so mommy said I was a Angel sent from above.

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The vets called me Potato and gave my family other vegetable names - to help identify us as related, I think!

Apparently I'm a very pretty cat, feminine. So my family wanted a name that was somewhat unisex. I heard they went through many names to try and settle on one! They decided on Kimi because it is short, cute, and unisex. Apparently it's based on something known as Kimmi Dolls.

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I had a hard time naming Hunter. He was given the name Sunkist at the shelter. The whole litter was the "Orange" litter. There was Marmalade, Sunkist, pumpkin, and 3 others. I thought that Sunkist was too girly for him so I thought of names like Simba and Gus. Then he crouched down, wiggled his lil butt and attacked the dog! My mother said "What a perfect little hunter he is." That was it. He was named Hunter. Fits him perfectly. Although I should of named him Tornado or Cyclone. big grin

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Chii-a Japanese cartoon character

Ninja-the vet we adopted him from called him Ninja because he was such a wildman

Sushi AKA Mr Foot-Mr Foot got his name from sitting with his back foot hanging to the side when he sits.

Levon-from drummer Levon Helm

Stumpy-is a stumpy tail cat...a variation of Manx

Felicia-hubby got to name one cat

Boo-looks like a Halloween decoration


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Hunter- Because he can catch a moth in mid air and eat it before he hits the ground again. He is also pretty good at silently shadowing the dogs, other cats, laser pointers, etc. Lol.

Simon (Formerly Smokey) - He talks a lot and I wanted a name similar to what he was used to. I didn't want to keep the name Smokey because a friend of mine had a dog that she loved very much named Smokey they had to PTS.


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We called our new kitten "Baby Kitty" for 3 weeks, couldn't think of a name. Considered just calling him BK. Then my 14 yo daughter asked if she could name him Stephano, which is a character in a video game that she likes to play. I said OK, because he was found at St. Stephens, the church that I work at, so I thought it was close to the name of how he was found. His brother, whom we had found in the sandbox 4 days prior, we were fortunate enough to find him a home immediately, was named Bullet, because the little 11 year old boy that adopted him is in a band called "The Silver Bullets".


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Amber's story isn't nearly as interesting. I was bouncing around a bunch of names, Amber included because of her eye-color. I decided to just say all the names I was considering, and see if she responded to any of them. She responded to Amber by chirping at me. It stuck.


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Kyubey is a character in a Japanese cartoon
my sister found Charlie and thought she was a boy, the name stuck
my hubby had Sherpa before I met him, he says he just liked the name. smile


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Well Felix the cat pulls out his bag of tricks when he gets in a fix, and little Felix was in a heap of trouble being very very sick when I found him, and he pulled the "cute kitty card" out of his bag of tricks, and there ya have it. cat on moon

Tigger has been bouncy & trouncy since he showed up in my front yard - it was a no-brainer

Smithwick looked regal & Irish to me, so he was named after a town in Ireland

Maizy was named because her tummy fur is this lovely shade of goledn orangey brown, and we though of maize.

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