How were you named?

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions - big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Purred: Thu Aug 9, '12 9:02pm PST 
With 7 kittens being watched over (3 from one litter and 4 from another one) naming was difficult! But here's how we all got our names here:

Cheeto: mommy's friend wanted an orange cat to name Cheeto and once they caught her the name was given, of course his girlfriend bought him a cat so this Cheeto's still in need of a home!

Pip: her owner named her. She's going to her new home next month since she gets "fixed" on the 31st!

Mica: they looked up gray cat names for him and thought that one was cute so now he's Mica

Chip: she's from my litter and has a white "chip" on her back

Ivy: grandma wanted to name a kitten Ivy and since Pip was changed to Pip from Ivy, when they got us a couple weeks later, she got her Ivy back!

Fern: her name went with Ivy and there was a minor plant theme happening there

and me, Thunder: they couldn't think up a name and when they were trying to think there was thunder so they called me Thunder. Mommy says it's a fitting name sicne I purr like a thunder storm!

So how did you all get your names?


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Purred: Tue Sep 4, '12 4:01pm PST 
I am a grey- ISH kitten, my she lives on ish time, you know, 3ish, 7ish....and my name is Ish!!


Mrs Foodie
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '12 6:52am PST 
Aww what a housefull you have, well done you for rescuin these poor kitties.If you dont mind me asking... What happened to Mamma cat?

We named our elder female ''Rogue'' because she was a rescue cat and she didnt follow the rules....

We Called our second kitty ''Batfink'' because of his vampire bat like Fangs and black fur....

I named our third kitty ''Gizmo'', because he is the spitting image , down to the the exact fur markings, of my childhood cat ''Gizmo'' whom i loved very much.......although ive kind of cursed myself as ''Gizmo the First'' was a quiet soul ....''Gizmo the Second'' is a hyperactive alpha cat......on second thoughts i shouldve called him ''Hero''...because he is scared of Nothing!

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Maizie Grace

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Purred: Thu Sep 13, '12 10:23pm PST 
Owen - named after a character in an X-Files fanfiction story

Callie - my mother read the name in a book and liked it

Kizmet - my friend named him, and I adopted him after that

Benjamin - my favorite boy's name. Since I do not plan on having human children, I wanted to use it.

Maizie Grace - I heard it on a TV documentary one day. some woman had a cat named Maizie Grace, and I loved it. it fit her perfectly.

they have middle names too, but I won't go that far into it! haha.


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Purred: Fri Sep 14, '12 4:37am PST 
Kiki - Named because she answered to it when I called her that.

Jack - Born when Titanic came out. Kiki had a litter of 4, and their names were Heather, Zack, Jack, and Rose.

Kosuteh - Named after my husband's World of Warcraft character. smile

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Purred: Fri Sep 14, '12 5:20am PST 
Both kitties were named by my 4 year old...

Nadia...after Nadia Comaneci (her hero)

and Butterfly...bc she is a little girl. First vet visit informed us Butterfly is a boy so he now is Butterfly Blue and we call him Blue. My son calls him Scout or Little Buddy and my husband calls him "Blueseph James"


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Purred: Fri Sep 14, '12 2:22pm PST 
Because of his pretty golden eyes, and his interesting color coat I chose to name him Midas. After the king, not the car repair place. Of course I also thought that Midas was a girl when I first saw him, so I originally wanted to name him Mirage. Oh well. I still have yet to see another cat that looks like him.


Purred: Fri Sep 14, '12 4:02pm PST 
I'm named Chrissy because I was given as a Christmas present back in 2003! smile


Purred: Fri Sep 14, '12 4:55pm PST 
Merida: because I started life unable to move my one front arm, then unable to walk when everyone else did, I was stuck in the blistering heat for 3 days, pelted by hail stones the size of a dime, and still refused to give up and I love to be the rebel. (From the Disney movie Brave, now in threaters)

Star: I have a five point star in each eye, thinly outlined in gold

Knigget (nig-get): Mom played a roleplaying game online and the Knights guild were called Kniggets for slang by the other guilds. My original name from the humane society was Knight.

Alastar (my dog): It's irish, like mommy, and means defender of man. Which is fitting since I am part wolf!


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Purred: Sat Sep 15, '12 7:05am PST 
Toast got his name because he licked all the peanut butter off my morning toast, and he's the same colour. I wanted a unique name so it stuck! smile Originally he was going to be Ash after Ash Ketchum in Pokemon, haha.

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