HELP! So confused!

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I'm so confused with the feeding guidelines for kittens.
I have a 3.5 month old male kitten. I do know that canned food is much better for them then dry food.
So kitten can food comes in 3oz cans. Directions on the cans say to feed 2/3 can daily per lb. He is 4 lbs. So that means he should eat about 3 cans a day?!!
That seems like awful alot and expensive!

To save some money, I've been feeding him one 3oz can a day mixed with a little of dry food then I pour in some water to his bowl to make it soupy. Is this ok? shrug


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hi - those are guidelines on the cans. At that age, kittens should basically eat as much as they want. Felix is about the same age, and I give him about 1/2 3oz can at a time with a little water in it as he likes it soft. If he eats that & strolls away or washes his paws, I can guess he is full. If he is still looking for more, I give him a bit more until he is full. He was very sick when I got him, but right now he eats about 4 to 5 ounces a day. I would not mix dry into the wet food. Wet is the best, but if you are going to give him some dry - keep that as a snack. Felix gets a few dry kitten food kibbles at night when the others get their treats too. hope this helps! cat on moon