Vet told me it was rare for kittens to go into heat before 6 months?

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Hello there!

Eveliina was at the vet today and everything went well - she now weighs 3 lbs!

I am curious about one thing though. I asked when she is willing spay Eveliina and she said six months (I kind of figured that). I asked her if she could spay her a bit earlier. She told me she can, but she doesn't recommend it. She began telling me that it is "very rare" for kittens to get their first heat before 6 months of age. How true is this? She made it seem like it was never heard of. thinking I just want to know is it as rare as she is says it is. What are your opinions on this?

Thank you for your responses! We appreciate it big grin

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What a pretty kitty!

Cats can certainly go into heat before six months. It is true, however, that longhaired cats are said to mature sexually later than shorthaired ones, and to have less extreme heats. Early spays are common now, and usually go by weight. Your kitty should be big enough to be spayed before six months. Spaying prior to the first heat is said to be better for a cat's health, and a cat in heat is not only unpleasant to be around but prone to escape in search of a male. You want to avoid that. Perhaps you should have another talk with your vet, or find another vet or spay clinic that will spay her before she reaches six months?


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Thank you!

I want to get Eveliina spayed before her first heat, which is why I brought up the question about spaying her early. I have heard that long haired cats do sexually mature later , but I still don’t want to risk waiting too long. It just seemed like the vet didn’t want to do it and she came up with excuses not to do it. It just seemed odd to me that she would say it was “very rare” for kittens to go into heat before 6 months. I’ve read about kittens going into heat at 4 months. I know you can spay a kitten now a days based on their weight and like you said Eve weighs enough now. She has another vaccination appointment when she is 12 weeks old and I am going to ask her again about it. If the vet is still set on the 6 month mark, I am going to talk to another clinic.

Thank you for your response big grin


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Im having the same problems with my local vets, there are some that do early age spaying etc, have a look around, the judge the cat on weight and development rather than age, hope you are well xxxx

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My vet will spay a female cat as long as it weights at least three pounds. I agree with other posters and you, don't want to take the chance that she might go into heat early.

Beautiful cat, welcome to CATSTER.....great group of cats and their humans here. As you see, always someone to give answers and advice.

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Since she is 3 lbs I am going to inquire about getting her spayed early (again). Like I said before, I don't want to risk it. If this vet is still not willing to do it early, I'll try to find another vet that will. I appreciate all of the input you guys have given us. It is so nice to have a community like Catster and receive advice from fellow cat lovers! big grin

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I got my Xena fixed before she was 6 months old that was 15 yrs ago...I got Tu Two and she was already fixed...In California they spay/neuter kitties before they can be adopted they are around younger than 6 months....and just FYI...it is important to get girl kitties fixed before they go into heat as the risk of getting breast cancer goes up....I know my cat Tallulah go breast cancer, she was pregnant before 6 months...that was before I adopted her....little did I know that kitties get breast cancer, now I know because she got the breast cancer and I lost her it will be 2 years on the 23rd of this month....so please don't wait too long her health may depend on getting her fixed....

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I've had two female cats (Tabi & Kahlan) go into heat when they were both 4 and a half months old. I was waiting for Kahlan to turn 6 months old because the vet where I was going to get her spayed performed the surgery at 6 months. I found an ABC (Animal Birth Control) clinic that did spays at 4 months old, so I took her there when she was 5 months old.

Welcome to Catster! Eveliina is beautiful!


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Spaying before the first heat is thought to reduce the risk of mammary cancer in cats. I would definitely spay early!

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This is Delyte. All of the female kitties that my person has had in her family have gone into heat before 5 months old, except for those who were fixed before that time. The 6-month time period is based on cats in the wild who are being fed by their momcats and by having to hunt their own prey. Cats who are weaned early and who are fed nutricious kitten food will grow fast and mature earlier.

She also had a female cat who died of mammary cancer and it is not a good way to go, so please get your kitty fixed.

Your vet is very behind the times in cat physiology, and I would find another vet to treat the cats for the rest of their lives. Our person's mother had a kitty who died an agonizing death from something that cats "never" get, according to the vet, when it would have been easy to diagnose and treat.

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