Acclimating my new kitten to my adult male cat

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What behavior should I expect from my 15 month old nuetered male cat upon introduction of a 9 week old kitten? The kitten has been here for 3 weeks now. He was sick with a respiratory infection when I rescued him, so I kept the two separated while the kitten was recovering and getting stronger. Kitten seems fine now, but my adult cat seems very agitated when he sees him. I've been keeping kitten confined to a bathroom, but it's time to start giving him some space and room to play. The adult at first growled and hissed and ran away. I've been supervising visits between the two, the kitten is playful and I can't tell if my adult is playing or serious when he bats at the kitten. His tail is twitching, but he will lay down near the kitten's hiding place, batting at him and hitting him on the head with his paw. He isn't scratching him yet. Is this playful? Or prelude to an attack? My adult is quite a good hunter, I hope he doesn't view the kitten as a big fuzzy rodent to hunt! Both the cat and kitten get along great with the three dogs in the house, and even play with the tiny Italian greyhound. Can they be friends and how will I know when to trust my adult cat with the kitten?

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As long as it is with the claws in, things are fine. They learn to get along, and what is too much by praticing at playing together. It's good you are supervising them for now. You won't always have to. The most you should ever see is very superficial injuries - anything more is TOO MUCH.
We got a 10 week old in Sept to be a playmate for my 4 yr old female. They do this, and the kitten is rougher than she is. Your kit will grow fast, it's surprising.
So far, so good. Come back here if you run into problems or have other questions, and please consider putting them on Catster - we LOVE it!!
Luv, Tinkkitty & Snowkitty