Kitten play dates?

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Purred: Sun Oct 16, '11 3:14am PST 
So, it turns out a friend of Dad's is adopting a 2 yr old DSH (I think), grey and white cat.

So, after we're both settled in and up to date with shots and stuff, is there any way to arrange kitty play dates?

Or would those just be hissing and spitting contests?


Mr. Eko - dark, but- good-hearted
Purred: Sun Oct 16, '11 6:02am PST 
Well, most likely hissing contests, and pretty stressful for the cats. Cats are very slow to accept a new cat. It's so different than dogs, for whom a play date would be a great thing. But, every once in a while mom reads about a cat that will accept a new cat with glee. But it seems to be a rare thing and I doubt both cats involved would fall into that category.

I love my "brother" Leo, but I hissed and swiped and nipped at him for a couple of months before thawing out a bit. Now we're really bonded. Mom even sees us grooming each other, so sweet.