1 Month old kitten won't eat.

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I have a 1 month old kitten that won't eat anything. I've tired wetting food, soft food, kitten formula, and even mixing soft and hard food. When I fed him the milk in a bottle, he turned around and threw it all up. He isn't cleaning himself, he sleeps all the time, and if he does eat, he throws it all up. I don't know what's going on with him. I'm just worried that this'll become worse and lead to something unpleasant. When we first brought him home he was acting just fine. I don't know what went wrong. I just need some help.


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Are you using kitten milk replacement, not cow's milk which is not a proper replacement for the mother? This baby isn't old enough to be off the breast eating actual food--I can only assume something happened to the mother? It's also very important that you rub his bottom, sort of firmly, with a damp washcloth to stimulate him to go to the bathroom after he eats or has a bottle, until he's reliably eating real food.

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I agree with Pandora. I would at least try to bottle feed the kitten for at least another two weeks. I got Kenji when he was 5 weeks old and I bottle fed him for one week. He ate wet food in addition while I was bottle feeding him--no dry food at all, even if it were to be mixed in with water or replacement milk. Then after the week, he refused the bottle and he ate wet food made for kittens. I mixed some warm water in with the wet food to make it soupy because he hadn't gotten the hang of drinking water from a bowl yet. It was a rough few weeks after he refused the bottle. He would get constipated, even though I mixed lots of water in with his wet food. We had to stimulate him to poop using washcloths soaked in warm water. Poor guy got a lot of baths too. But everything turned out fine.

Good luck! We are purring that everything turns out well.

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Are you using KMR kitten replacement formula or some other brand from the pet store? Cow's milk, or any other typ of milk Humans drink, are not suitable for kittens. You can buy pet-sized bottles and feeding syringes from the pet store to help with feeding, too. Try the feeding syringe if the kitten won't drink from the bottle.

I suggest taking the kitten to a vet as well for a check up. The vet can give good suggestions and tips on how to feed and care for the kitten. Or call a rescue or shelter and ask for help. Maybe they know of a nursing female who may accept the kitten. It doesn't always work but it's worth a try.


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Momma got me when I was two and a half weeks old. I refused to drink out of a bottle, so momma had to use an oral syringe for me. That ended up working fine, and daddy loved the fact that my ears would wiggle while I drank. Momma got the taste of wet food into me by mixing some with my milk to make a sort of milk shake like substance. That may help get your new kitten used to wet food.

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It wasn't cow's milk, I know that he would have gotten very sick from that. I think that he was just going through a little tummy problems because now he's eating and he is bigger then his little sister (Lilli). My husband and I think that he was lonely and missed his mommy, but he has gotten over that bump and he's everything now. Thank you for all your help!

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Where is his mother?