New mother cat eating kittens?

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I posted this in the questions yesterday because i couldn't get the forums to work,I hope that's ok! I'd like a few more answers.

I have a 3 year old Bengal mix cat named Christmas, who 8 days gave birth to 7 kittens,she's a very agressive, and spooky mother (toward me and the other cats, not her babies)so i haven't messed with the kittens much, and unless momma doesn't know they're there, the other cats can't even come upstairs without losing fur.

the day after the kittens were born, I peeked in on them, and counted only 6, after some shifting around the nest and some angry growling and spitting from Christmas who covered her kittens with her body as if I were a tomcat who would eat their heads off, i found the runts tail, i figured this was nature because the runt looked weak anyway. 3 days ago, the largest kitten was found half eaten on the floor infront of the nest, and 2 days ago the current runt was found the same way. the remaining four look healthy and momma is a vicious protector, she eats when she's hungry and drinks plenty of water and is healthy as well. any ideas what could be going on?

I had one answer in questions but I can't figure out how to respond, asking if Christmas was feral, the answer is, no she isn't, she has her...quirks, but she's never flat out nasty, she had another litter in '09 and was just as nasty and protective, but nothing this bad, and the litter was smaller, only 3 kittens. she growls and spits at me when I come near, but never strikes out at me, just fixes me with a "don't make me do it!" stare.

ones of the kittens has started to open his eyes, and CHristmas is making an unusual fuss over him, she's been licking him alot,but otherwise nothing really bad.

NOW for the reason Christmas isn't spayed, she is mixed Bengal, but other than being a bit smaller than a typical Bengal and hvaing the wrong colored eyes, she has the exact body shape, fur color/pattern ect. of a purebred. the breeder my ex got her from has been saying for the past two years that she wants to pair her with one of her toms, but has never done it, doesn't make sense to me, but I don't breed cats, so. I do want to get her spayed after the kittens are older, she's the only cat I have who's not altered.

any help as to what could be going on, I did contact my vet and he mentioned that perhaps those kittens were sick?, he said that sometimes if a queen mates with a tom who has the beginning stages of distemper, the kittens can carry the virus in utero and be born with it, and that sometimes the mother can sense this and kill the kittens to prevent the rest from getting it?, i dunno, he also mentioned FIV as a cause.

he said he would see them, but I don't wanna stress Chrismas to the point that she flat out rejects them all. I've had experience bottle feeding kittens, 3 litters and a litter of red fox kits, so I'm no novice, but I'd rather not go that route if I don't have to.