Loosing teeth!

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my cat, Picasso is estimated to be 5 months by a vet.

I found a tooth in her food bowl, and I'm wondering if it's normal for a lost tooth to be spotted with some blood? It's not a lot of blood, and her mouth does not hurt, but I'm curious anyway.

I'm not sure which tooth was lost and I only managed to see the front of Picasso's mouth and all adult teeth are there.. it looks like a mini canine tooth? This led me wondering if she is closer to 6 months of age? Any ideas?

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I lost my kitten teeth a few weeks ago when I turned 5 months. They were slightly bloody, but nothing bad.

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It is pretty normal at 5 mos, and if it is not actively bleeding from her mouth, it will be okay. Otherwise it would indicate a broken tooth or abcess, and this would usually happen with permanent teeth.