Any other owners who have bred their kitten?

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World's cutest- Bengal kitten!
Purred: Sun Jul 24, '11 1:58am PST 
Just wanted to introduce my gorgeous kitten Rudy. I bred him, and just wondered whether any other owners on here had bred their kitten? Rudy was born fifth from a litter of six and I had to deliver him as his Mum was too exhausted from a very long labour. He is my pride and joy!


little red- biscuit head
Purred: Sun Jul 24, '11 8:03am PST 
Hey! You look like me!
Anyway, Meowma has never had a cat to birth a purposely bred litter yet, but my Burmese sister is about to have kitties. Meowma says she will probably keep a girl kitty out of Pandora if she has one that will show well, from this litter or a future one. (Pandora will not have a long breeding career in any case, it will be a few times and then spay)