Safety for a traveling cat?

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I like to go everywhere with my Mommy. I love going out with her to petsmart or perching in her bike basket. Mommy keeps me on a leash just in case, but I never try to get away or even pull on my leash. I sleep in her bike basket when she is home, or in her purse or even her backpack. I don't like to play with things in her bags, I just want to lay on them.

Mommy is worried, shes afraid I could get hurt or something. But I just ride on her shoulders or in the bag shes holding.

I have all my shots up to date and I have my tag on my collar, and I have a flea/tick treatment. Mommy keeps a water bottle and food in her purse when we go out. What else does Mommy need?

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I think in a car there is more safety in a hard fiber glass case, if your cat will accommodate to it. You can teach her to like it by going on short trips, putting toys in it, feeding special treats in it, etc. I think riding around on mom's shoulder in a store is great, but in a car, not so much. Most people need to turn around freely and may have to stop suddenly.


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My Mommy regularly takes me everywhere with her in her purse. It's a very big purse, since I am a very big (7lbs, 7 months old) boy and a maine coon mix!

She says I often just lay in her purse when we drive, and she is always sure to stabilize me beforehand. I wear a harness with leash attached at all times.

My Mommy hardly ever worries, though, because I am content to stay in her arms or purse and do not desire wandering outside.

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When I used to like to drive with daddy, my carrier was wedged into the back of the car. I would be allowed out when he would stop. If it was calm driving, he would open the carrier door and sometimes I'd come and sit on the seat and go to sleep.
Mommy is not wild about this. She thinks if the car stopped suddenly, or in the event of a fender bender, I could get hurt. So mommy makes sure I am in my carrier unless we're stopped.

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We regularly take our cat with us on long, overnight car trips. We have a vacation home in the mountains that is 16 hours drive away from home. It's sometimes tough on the cat but he likes it so much once we get to the mountains. We use a hard-side Pet Taxi so he can stretch out. And I have a small bowl that I can put in there for him to take drinks. I also put a piddle pad in the carrier in case he has to go. That has only happened once, and it made him upset, but sometimes accidents happen.

We take along a lightweight litter box and just enough litter to fill the box. Also, I take a scoop along and a little whisk broom and dustpan combo. This is all put inside a big black garbage bag for ease transporting it in and out of the car. We stay in the same motel each time we make this trip, a pet-friendly motel. Once inside the motel room, and before I let the cat out of his carrier, I set up his litter box in the bathroom. I use an extra towel to set the box on and to help collect the litter he tracks out when he uses the box. The whisk broom set it to help clean up the mess on the floor. My cat is quite exuberant with his litter.

He also has a travel food set, a little cannister that holds his food with a bowl for water and one for food attached with a snap-on handle, over and under the food cannister. It works well.

While we're in the motel, we always leave the television on -- it helps make our cat feel at home. We chose this particular motel because the beds are on platforms, so there is no inaccessible place for the cat to hide. We've made that mistake before and had to rearrange furniture in the morning when we got ready to leave just to fish the cat out from under the motel bed. SO ask at the desk if you plan to take your cat into a motel room. Make sure the bed sits on an enclosed platform with no access underneath.

The other thing is to keep a positive attitude when you take your cat along. If he sees you're confident, then he will trust that everything is A-OK.

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