Can I spend a weekend alone??

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Hi Everyone! I am 5 months old and was wondering if I was old enough to spend a weekend (2 nights, 2 days) alone??

My mommy brought me to my gpas house where there are much older distinguished cats this past weekend and it did not go so well. I did not like using another cats litter box and used the bathroom around the house instead. I do use the litter box always when I am home though.
My gpa said maybe next time I could stay with my gma instead, he also thought I was a little crazy (HELLO I AM A KITTEN!!)

My mommy is deciding whether to try her gmas house instead where there are 2 other kittens my age. I like other kittens but will I use their litter box??

She is unsure on what to do but needs to go home since her sister had her baby (cheer) and she would like to see her again!

I do fantastic on the car trip, which can be up to 3 hours with traffic, I just sit and hang out till we get to where we need to be. Mommy is so proud of my car riding skills!

Would my mommy be able to trust me home alone for the weekend? If so what can she leave out for me to eat while she is gone?

Thank you wave


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wave Sup yo. Think about getting a water fountain like mine, that constantly delivers fresh filtered water. And you can put out plenty of dry food and a large litter box.

http://www.petmate.com/category/petmate-products/for-cats-ki ttens/auto-feeding-watering-for-cats-kittens

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Can we come and climb your cedar cat tree? Wheres "Cat-man-do" ??


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I'm sorry but I wouldn't entertain leaving any of mine alone for 2 days, or one for that matter. What if something goes wrong and you aren't there. No I wouldn't personally.

Penn & Teller

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No way!
Are these male kittens? Any of em? Hah you won't have a house left for starters, and they could really get hurt. They do really dumb things as kittens. I have two that just made 6 months today.

Ugh You only have one your gma has two I'm sorry! Got y'all confused. I still wouldn't leave a kitten alone.

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I wouldn't leave him alone. Do you have a friend or neighbor who could stop by a couple of times a day to make sure things are okay? Even a responsible kid looking to make a few bucks would be good. I used to pet-sit in my neighborhood as a teenager (10+ years ago). I made $5 a day to stop in twice a day to feed and love on the animals. Good luck!!


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when my cats were kittens we left them alone for a couple days and they did just fine. we left food out for them and water and fresh litter box. and then we had someone come check in on them while we were gone. they were fine.

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Next time you bring kitty to someone elses house, make sure to bring along the litterbox as well. Grandpa may not have had enough of them to suit 3 cats.


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Penn and Teller had my same idea. Whenever we go visit other people's homes, mom brings along a travel litter box. It's smaller than the one we have at home, but still big enough for us to do our business.

If space in the car or trunk storage is an issue, I'd recommend getting disposable litter boxes, and start training your little one to use them on trips. He gets his own box, and you get a happy kitty. Problem solved.

If leaving him home would be more convenient, I'd get someone to come visit him while you're gone. If our mom is gone for more than a day, she gets us a cat sitter to check on us at least once a day. We could probably go a couple of days without one, but besides the fact that we ♥ our sitter, mom knows that we do need someone to pet us and skritch our ears and tell us how loved we are so we feel safe being home alone, and our sitter definitely does that.

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My Goodness!
This is a rather active kitten, am I right? Well, our parents don't leave us alone-in fact, they were talking about it today, because Mommy needs a 'vacation' but she is right now reluctant to take a few days and leave us to Daddys care with my vet visits.

Mommy and Daddy in the past got a cat sitter. The last time they weren't too pleased-she is a nice person, but mommy and daddy thought she could have done a better job with cleaning up after, and there were just three cats then.

That said, you probably would either need to take the little fellow with you...with his own box....or else have someone very, very trustworthy come to stay and watch him. I wouldn't leave him alone at this point....way too young, and kittens can get into so many things.