Socko likes to play with socks?

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Which is weird because he started playing with socks after we named him Socko. He even goes into my older sister's bedroom and drags socks out of her open sock drawers and brings them downstairs. Then he throws them up in the air and tackles them. I will try to catch it on video and post it on Catster if I can since I finally have my own camera.
It's quite hilarious when he does it, but he sometimes tries to attack my feet when I put socks on and then his claws get hung on them. laugh out loud
Also if I put a sock on my hand and then I set it next to him he will treat your hand like he's killing prey. Do any of your cats react to socks this way or enjoy playing with some sort of clothing.


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Our boys don't care about socks, but you'd better watch out when you put on shoes and want to tie the laces. Sometimes I have both Shade and Smudge attached to one shoe!laugh out loud


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Be glad it's socks. Charley loves for me to buy new panties (the kind that come rolled up like egg rolls in a 6 or 12 pack). If I don't put the panties away in a tightly closed drawer immediately, he'll steal at least one pair and more if he can get away with it. He manages to get them out of the pack (a feat for me even with thumbs) and carries the rolled up panties around like a toy.laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Not a problem right as I'm not having any company but it can be embarrassing sometimes!!!

♥- Socko- ♥

Beware the lean- mean sock thief!
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MOL! Socko has played with underwear before too. One time when I was in bed I heard rustling around, and then I saw Socko playing with underwear in the floor. However, he is some how much more fastinated with socks than he is with underwear. Oh yeah and thanks for sharing the two of you.

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MOL Charley

Gimli drags clothes out of our closets, but he mostly sticks to the big stuff. He has dragged my underwear out of the dirty clothes hamper and one time I came home to find my bra in the middle of the kitchen floor. I come home from work finding jeans, shorts, blankets, sweaters, and t-shirts in the middle of the living room or the kitchen. Was very impressed when he dragged my husband's heavy jeans into the living room. laugh out loud Sometimes he drags out two pieces of clothing at a time. He even does this when company is over our house. He especially likes my sweaters; I hang them back up in the closet on a hanger and he pulls them down. laugh out loud

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My kitty loves socks, he knocks over my laundry basket and goes inside and picks out a sock and bats it all around the house.

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The boys want what you just bought or what you just washed or brought from the cleaners. As long as you really dont want them to touch it


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I only have a penchant for ..... Dirty Underwares eek
Ill get them on my head and run through the house. I dont care who is or is not home. It could be boxers, briefs, girls, boys, silky, cotton....as long as they are dirty! My favorate seem to be nana's silky ones though. I like to drag them right out into the living room laugh out loud

-- Nana is never as amused as me. thinking

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laugh out loud AnnaBelle

When Trinity was a puppy, she went into mom's dirty clothes pile and found some of mom's underwear. It got stuck on her head. laugh out loud


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both me and alexis love to sleep on clean clothes, dirty clothes, towels, bed sheet, blankets. if the dresser drawers are left alexis and i will actually go in the drawer and sleep in on the clothes in there. so then the humans will have clothes, towels, bed sheets, blankets that all full of cat hair.