How long will it be until a domestic shorthair starts shedding?

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Socko is seven months old now and he still does not shed fur yet. I know that it isn't shedding season but my other two cats, Daisy (age 4) and Misty (age 12), still do have some fur that flies in the air. Socko on the other hand, just has some fuzz that may fall, but nothing too noticeable. His fur is mainly sleek and short but he his spine has some more long and course fur on it. When will he begin to shed? I wish I remembered when our other cats began to start their shedding but I forgot. shrug

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I don't remember either, but he's still too young to shed. Maybe when he's more like a year old? You'll know it when it happens, anyway. Use a Zoom Groom and give him a bath around once or twice a year, and you'll be amazed at how much undercoat comes out.

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I groom the boys regularly and Tellers undercoat comes out ALOT. Penn's just started. Neither kitten has started to truly shed though. I'm all up on them grooming and bathing so I dunno if I'll ever see that much.

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Hunter started shedding when he was about 8 months old. Also it was the start of fall. I mean his fur was everywhere!!! I don't know if it matters but Hunter is a DMH. Also, I don't believe Hunter has an undercoat. He doesn't have that thick down when I separate his fur. Its just long white or orange fur.

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it actually depends on the cat. some start at 4months some 7 some 1yr. it depends on the food you also feed it Just because the cat is part domesticated short hair doesn't mean its family tree is all dsh. Some breeds don't shed much or hardly at all.
I myself have different cats. i have Siamese, Bombay & short hairs.
Bombay are low on shedding till they are seniors then send more
some of my Siamese shed others don't
If you feed a holistic food, or a higher quality food, where 1st ingredient is chicken, beef, turkey, some real food, other then bi products or grain, your kitty will shed less.
bi products make kitties shed a lot.
late spring- mid fall they shed 2- 4 times.
keep the kitties on high quality foods and given them proper attention ect. they will shed less.

only 1 cat here sheds a lot 24 7 no matter what he eats hes 20 pounds. and to think he was a rescue who almost died at 6 weeks, because the lady who surrendered him, lied on his age.... But then again she had 35 outside unfixed cats.*shakes head*

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Okay, just making sure. Socko hardly sheds any now; we'll just have to see. wave