Sleeping to much?

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Pandora Rose

That's Princess- Pandora Rose
Purred: Sun Jan 9, '11 9:05pm PST 
Hi! My Mommy is alittle worried that I am sleeping to much. I would say i sleep about 16-20 hours a day. I didn't sleep this much when I came home 2 weeks ago at 10 weeks old. Now I am kind of tired. My dr comes on Wednesday to check on me because my sister had Giardia in her poop and the dr gave me meds too just incase, but Mommy is a little worried. Thanks for any info. smile


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Purred: Mon Jan 10, '11 5:22am PST 
That sounds like a lot of sleep for a kitten. When you're awake are you really wild and tiring yourself out? When the vet visits please make sure you tell him about this - it seems like a lot of sleep to me.

Pandora Rose

That's Princess- Pandora Rose
Purred: Mon Jan 10, '11 6:56am PST 
Yes when I am awake I run and play like crazy. I chase my brother and sister but they hate it. I also go to grandma's house and play with my real sister when Mommy goes to work sometimes. That's like twice a week and I don't sleep much on those days. I will make sure Mommy mentions this to the dr.


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Purred: Tue Jan 11, '11 9:47am PST 
Actually, this is ballpark normal, for most kittens, they sleep more, than an adult kitty would, and especially, if they run and play hard, which you said she does, during the day. big grin


Mine get up in the morn, eat their breakfast, then go back to bed, and sleep, until I get home. I know this, because days I am home, they sleep all day, and when I get home, I see the indentations, and feel the warmth, on the blankies on the bed. They get up when I get home, eat their supper, then run around like crazy boys, at warp speed, sometimes its a blur, mol, for a few hours, then mommy goes to bed, so they go to bed, and sleep all night. And I know, my kittens are healthy. big grin

If your concerned, ask your vet to do a CBC and Wellness blood panel, and send it to Antech or Idexx. It would show, if any values, are not normal, and/or if there is a cause for concern. big grin

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Finnegan (Finney)

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Purred: Tue Jan 11, '11 11:20am PST 
I suppose it would depend on the type of kitty and if they've had any health problems in the past, etc. Me and Lacey are just now at 2 1/2 settling down. We used to wear momma out just watching us. As long as she's not sleeping all the time and doesn't seem depressed, eating okay, etc. I'd do like Bump said and just call the vet and ask. Other than that just keep an eye on her. Maybe get her to play a little more. Entice her with some toys.