Why does my urine smell so bad?

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Purred: Thu May 27, '10 8:24am PST 
My name is Rex, I am about 8 months old. I drink plenty of water and eat well. But, whenever mom goes to clean the litter box, the smell of ammonia is so overwhelming that her eyes water, throat hurts and she has to hold her breath! Mu house mate Tinka never had problem like this, and he has been with her since he was 6 weeks old. So how come my urine is so strong smelling? I feel bad that momma needs a gas mask to clean up after me!

Anyone have any litter suggestions that might help combat the smell? Or any other suggestions?

Greatly appreciated. Meow! kitty

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Have you been neutered yet? If so, how long ago? An tomcat who has not been neutered have very strong urine. This may be the problem, but if not, we know other CATSTERS will be able to make suggestions.

Good Luck!!


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Are you seeing any blood or discoloration? That kind of smell could be caused by highly concentrated urine. Sounds like it could be an UTI and you should call your vet for advice. What are you eating for food? Having any problems peeing like straining or going and having to go back to finish?
Please keep us all advised to what you find out. Sorry I could not be more helpful.