Kittens playing in litter box!

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Hello, my 3 month old kittens Mocha and Smokey tear up and down the house when they're playing. (I'm sure you know what I mean!) They often carry their toys around with them.

My problem is a lot of times they'll play in the litter box! Oftentimes Smokey will be going, and Mocha will pounce on him inside. Usually not vice versa. Or they'll both run in and roll around. Or, and this is the grossest one, they'll bring their toys in with them and roll around. We're always tempted to throw the toys away after seeing that, but we're not monitoring them 24/7 either!

They have lots of toys around the house, why on earth would they play in the dirtiest place possible? I thought cats would instinctively stay away from places like the litter box other than to do their business?

I do have a door for my hooded litter box, but the box itself is a bit large and the last time I added the door, Mocha attacked it and Smokey did not know what to do with it at all. So I'd rather have them go in the box without a door than outside somewhere, but playing in the litter box is just so unsanitary! Any advice? Thanks in advance!


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I think its a kitten thing. Sabre used to play in and roll around in his litter box too. Once in a while he will still do it, but he's growing out of it. Although I have had someone on another forum tell me that there cat likes to dip its toys in water then dip in the litter box and back and forth before playing with it. They changed their litter to "Worlds Best Cat Litter". It's made from corn so if ingested will not harm your cat in any way. Not to mention theres none of the nasty chemicals that are in other litters. The only down side is it's more expensive. But I have heard that it lasts a lot longer than other stuff so it makes up for the price. If you switched to this, as long as the litter box is cleaned daily there wouldn't be anything to worry about with them liking to play in the litter box.

http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com/difference/odorbv1/?gclid =CNTc4YuhyJ8CFQpHagodGAhn6w

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Precious did that as well. I got her a 2nd box and she uses one and plays in the other, she'll bury her toys in the play one. I think its part of a cats instinct to to bury things and to dig not just there stinkies. I'm not sure but i figured for health reason i'd rather have a 2nd box and shes nver gone in the 2nd one, i do check everyday when i clean her regular box.


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Coop loves to play in the litter box, too. In fact, he still plays in at at 15 months! laugh out loud

When he was a baby, though, and I first brought him home from the shelter...he would actually lay down in the box. I think he was so used to being in that cage that maybe it was his "safety spot."

What a great idea about having two boxes, t hough!


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Mine play in one of the boxes.. Or well it's Mille who plays with Mollie. Mollie just wants to do her thing and get out but Mille thinks it's playtime laugh out loud


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After becoming a breeder and being responsible for kittens from the moment they are born, I can say that it takes some kittens a while to figure out what a litter box is meant for. Momcat is said to teach them--but nooo, my kittens kept leaving Tootsie-Rolls and mysterious wet patches on the floor until I figured out that they didn't understand the meaning of a litter box. I have a kitty playpen (with a roof) that I keep my kittens in, from the time they start leaving Momcat's side to the time that they seem to have been toilet-trained, and for the first week or so, I put Momcat in there, too, so she can continue nursing them and also show them what a litter box is for. Even so, not a few kittens find the litter box a splendid place to take a nap, even when it hasn't been cleaned. Kittens...

Oh, and I forgot to add that it can take between 2-3 months for kittens to be toilet-trained. My kittens are Maine Coons and on the intelligent side, but each litter so far has taken around 3 months for every kitten to "get" the idea of the litter box. Don't lose hope!

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