What Are the Dangers of Cat Litter Boxes?

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I have a total of 6 littermaids throughout the house for the cats. I only touch cat litter when I dump the old litter and refill it with new, which is about once a week. The cat poop goes into a plastic cartridge that I change every day. I am considering undergoing IVF treatment to become pregnant and have heard how cat litter is very dangerous for pregnant women. Is this true? I don't understand what is so dangerous about them.

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I don't remember the details of it, but do remember that pregnant women are cautioned to either leave the litter box cleaning to someone else, or to use latex gloves as not to come into contact with soiled litter.

There are other CATSTER members who can give you more details, but from the way you describe your litterboxes I don't think you would have any worries, but perhaps using latex gloves as an extra precaution would not hurt.

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Dirty cat litter may contain a bad parasite that can cause a very serious infection called Toxoplasmosis. This infection can affect the unborn baby. Your doctor can provide more info about this. Or Google search for info.

Can you have someone else take care of the litter boxes for you?

If not, then wear long rubber gloves when dealing with the litter boxes and used litter. Wash your hands afterwards.


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You can get Toxoplasmosis from cat litter, but this is usually only the case if your cats go outdoors or if they eat raw meat. Sabre eats raw and me and DH are also trying to get pregnant, so I just make sure to use long gloves when I have to clean the litter box. I also where a mask to prevent breathing anything in, as dust from the litterbox flies in the air everytime I scoop. It is better though, that you find someone else to take care of the litterbox for you if possible.


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You can find information on Toxoplasmosis in Wikipedia. Actually, the most common route of infection is meat. If you read the article, you'll see why you should be careful when handling soiled litter.


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Hope this helps and congratulations!!! big grin


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